Communities Delegation to the Global Fund Board appoints Mr Javier Hourcade Bellocq as Board Member and Mr Ali Raza Khan as Alternate Board Member

Tuesday, 25th January 2022

The Communities Delegation of people living with and affected by HIV, TB and malaria (Communities Delegation) to the Global Fund Board has the pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr Javier Hourcade as the Board Member and Mr Ali Raza Khan as the Alternate Board Member. The constituency confirmed and welcomed the new leadership during its online retreat in December 2021. Javier and Ali will serve a two-year term until January 2024.

Mr Javier Hourcade Bellocq has an extensive career as a communicator in health rights and HIV advocacy. Since his HIV-positive diagnosis in 1988, he has worked with civil society, key populations, and communities living with HIV, TB and Viral Hepatitis in Latin America and beyond. From the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), he was involved in creating the Global Fund and has since been engaged in different roles in the partnership. Over the past two decades, he has previously served as Communication Focal Point and Board Member for the Communities Delegation and civil society representative in the LAC delegation. He has also provided technical support to the Fund’s national and regional projects, particularly those led by communities. Back at the Communities Delegation since 2021, he currently leads a community journalism initiative called the LAC Key Correspondent Team and the COVID and HIV platform, based in Peru and Argentina, respectively.

Portrait of Mr Javier Hourcade Bellocq

Mr Ali Raza Khan is a young PLHIV activist from Multan, Pakistan, working for his community since 2015, focused on HIV prevention, SRHR and peace. Over the past few years, he has worked with numerous local, national & international organisations for the rights of young PLHIVs and KPs. He is currently leading “Hi Voices”, an initiative in Pakistan focusing on young vulnerable key populations and PLHIVs. Ali is a laureate of the HIV HERO Award 2021 by APCOM for his effort and work around HIV and PLHIVs. A new member from the Communities Delegation, at only 29 years old, Ali is the delegation’s first youth member to serve in the leadership and has consistently shown a keen interest to learn and an immense commitment to amplifying the voices of communities at the Global Fund Board.

Portrait of Mr Ali Raza Khan

We want to take the opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and admiration for our outgoing Board Member Erika Castellanos. Erika joined the Communities Delegation in 2015 and has since demonstrated an aptitude and appetite to transform and strengthen the representation of communities at the Board level. Natural from Belize, in Central America, Erika served as Alternate Board Member from 2018 to 2020. In December 2020, she became the first transgender woman to ever serve as a Board Member of the Global Fund. Erika’s integrity and unapologetic and skilful leadership have led the delegation through decisive moments. More recently, it has guaranteed that our constituency had a prominent role in shaping the next Strategy.

We thank Erika immensely for the legacy she leaves as a role model of governance official, and we are delighted to retain her as a member of the delegation’s Advisory Working Group (AWG). Erika continued the outstanding leadership from Ms Maurine Murenga, former Communities Delegation Board Member, from 2018 to 2020, and current member of the AWG as well, whom we want to acknowledge for her equally solid and continued commitment to the Communities Delegation.

We also thank Olivia Ngou, our outgoing Alternate Board Member, for her efforts and time dedicated to the delegation. A long-time malaria champion, Olivia added the voices of malaria activists to our discussions, ensuring that their priorities were also well captured in our positions. Born in Cameroon, she focused on connecting the delegation with francophone communities and strengthening our relationship with francophone partners. As a member of the AWG and co-lead of our Strategy Committee working group, we also thank her for her diligence and support with internal affairs and many valuable contributions throughout the new Strategy development process.

The Communities Delegation is looking ahead to a pivotal year in the Global Fund’s new Strategy development process and we look forward to engaging with you in 2022.

Bruna Martinez
Constituency Focal Point, Communities Delegation

About the Communities Delegation:

The Communities Delegation of people living with and affected by HIV, TB and malaria (Communities Delegation) is one of three civil society constituencies on the Global Fund Board. It has a unique role in leveraging the lived experiences of HIV, TB and Malaria and bringing a human face to the realities of the three diseases. The Communities Delegation is committed to ensuring human rights and gender equality in programmes, with particular attention to key and vulnerable, marginalised, criminalised and stigmatised populations. The delegation engages with its communities and influences decisions with the ultimate aim of ensuring the best equitable and sustainable access to prevention, treatment, care and support services for the three diseases.