While governments count their money, communities count their dead

New York, 21st of September 2022

Our delegation would like to express our profound sorrow with the outcome of the Global Fund 7th replenishment process. Our target for this resource mobilisation cycle was at least $18 billion, and to date, we have only been able to secure approximately $14.25 billion. We feel ashamed that we have failed our communities whose lives depend on these resources.

The Global Fund partnership approved by consensus a comprehensive investment case of at least $18 billion to achieve our bold and ambitious new strategy to save an additional 20 million lives in the next three years. Today, some of our partners have shown a lack of commitment toward a process that we all began together.Our individual efforts are vital for the success of the entire partnership. Collectively we agreed to reach at least US$ 18 billion, but only some donors have fulfilled the expectation to increase their contributions by 30%.As the Global Fund Board, we should not take our failure to meet the current replenishment targets lightly. This will severely impact our communities’ lives, hopes, needs and dreams.